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Walking With the Wind

By Boak Wiesner Brief whisps of snow one morning in the middle of a week that was bookended by otherwise unseasonably warm weather. 64 after Veterans Day? “Let me tell you about winds,” says Almasy. This week was all about wind. … Continue reading

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Early Morning Stroll

By Mary Beth Pottratz Gusty winds whip the 40-degree air into a chill-spiked blast on my face. The blush of morning against a stone-grey sky in the west fades away as the crimson-orange sun edges slowly over the horizon. Only … Continue reading

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Wildlife Sightings

By Ulrike Axen I heard news last week of a cougar sighting in Wisconsin; pictures from a trail camera were confirmed by the Wisconsin DNR. Out West where I lived, we were used to cougar sightings, but they are still … Continue reading

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