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Beginning the Maple Syrup Season

By Richard DeVries The February weather forecast has been telling us about daytime highs in the forties and nighttime lows well below freezing. It sounded like the perfect weather for the Maple sap to start running, but we decided to wait … Continue reading

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Pine Plans

By Mary Beth Pottratz Bright sunbeams play hide-and-seek with me as I stroll through the woods. Blinding bright one second, and hiding the next, they peek between tree trunks in prisms and stars. Sparkles in the blue-white snow light up … Continue reading

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Watch and Wait!

By Ulrike Axen An interesting winter, indeed. Today (February 19) I experienced one of the finest walks at the Arboretum, ever. The sun was shining, we had a warm south wind, and I even sat down for a few minutes … Continue reading

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On Owls and Pussy Willows

By Boak Wiesner With little snow on the ground and barely any vegetation out yet, it’s easy to wander about aimlessly, happening upon whatever presents itself. A sound strategy, too, for finding food for predators of our area. Coming across … Continue reading

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Close Encounter

By Mary Beth Pottratz Only 30° F and the light breeze carries no sting so typical of Minnesota this time of year. The fog of early this week has lifted, but thick clouds still block the sunshine. The warmth and … Continue reading

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