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Earth Day 2012

By Boak Wiesner Schedules have been on my mind of late as well as the proper “times” at which things are supposed to happen. To everything there is a season, it is said, and a time for every purpose, and the cycles … Continue reading

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Ephemeral Dreams

By Mary Beth Pottratz Why is spring so alluring? Do you love the relief from winter’s icy temperatures? Maybe you savor longer days, tree buds or other signs of new life? Do you look for migratory birds or nesting and … Continue reading

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By Boak Wiesner Coming east into the Arboretum, a Sandhill Crane flew over my head and the topic for this entry came to mind: changes, especially metamorphosis. Being outside for any length of time these days is, for the most … Continue reading

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Short Season

By Richard DeVries As you have probably noticed, spring has arrived early this year. It was exciting to see the Snow Drop flowers appear as a sign of spring on March 10. It was less exciting to see that the … Continue reading

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