The gardens get a drink!

The heavy rainfall of weeks past, though a blight on some of our summer plans, has given the Gardens of Eatin’ a good boost nonetheless. Noticeable growth can be seen in the Edible Garden from its initial planting just two short weeks ago.

The garden first takes root

To the forefront, nearest the path into the Home Demonstration area, lies King’s Theodore (Nasturtium). All parts of the plant are edible.

Good growth after recent rains

 Notice the small, red flowers of King’s Theodore as Bull’s Blood beets grows its deep burgundy leaves to the left. These flowers, the most-edible of the plant and good companion to beans and cabbage, give a hearty zest to prepared salads, and grow nine weeks to harvest. 

Stay tuned for more pictures of other vigorous growth around the gardens as we stand back and let mother nature aid our efforts!


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