Gardens of Eatin’ Melon Update

The Pumpkin Patch on the knoll outside the Learning Center shows promising progress. Much of the melon varieties have survived their initial plantings in early June, according to Master Gardener Ted Pew.

“From what we put to seed, about 95 percent has germinated,” he said.

And that’s good?

“That’s very good,” he said. “We’ll just re-seed what hasn’t come up.”

95 percent of plantings have germinated

The Shiny Boy watermelon gives the look of a classic while upgrading taste and growing capacity.

Visitors can expect Citrullus lanatus, the “Shiny Boy” watermelon (east end of the Pumpkin Patch) to outgrow its brethren and be harvested as soon as late August to early September. The quick-growing, sweet tasting melon was an All-America Selections (AAS) winner in 2010.

Don’t let its look fool you. This Faerie watermelon is as crisp and sweet as they come!

Other AAS winners at the Pumpkin Patch taking to seed include the brilliant orange Lambkin melon (2007) and distinct yellow Faerie (2012) watermelon. Both are easy-to-grow dinner table varieties that can be directly sowed to the soil, and yield well despite short, compact vines.

“We planted once the ground was warm enough to support them,” Ted said of the melons. “They’re good varieties that took well to the soil this year – we should get a lot out of them.”


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