Unnatural Selection

With the success of the high germination rate, Ted now needs to focus his growing space on the biggest, best, most vibrant plants. Like most seedings, this patch received 3 seeds per hill to speed up the growing process. Now that so many have germinated, Ted can weed out the one or two weak seedlings to ensure the strongest vine remains.

Ted’s crew at work, thinning out the patch to give the strongest germinating vines room to breathe

“Almost everything germinated, so we’ve ended up having to cut two or more sprouts out of each planting,” Ted said. “We’ll do more thinning in the patch as we see what needs space and what isn’t working well.”

When thinning out your own vines, cut down to bare dirt, below the “cotyledons,” or smallest leaves, to ensure the plant won’t regerminate

Cutting below the smallest leaves and flowers,  Ted and his crew ensure that the other smaller vines won’t spring back on this Hijinks Pumpkin, a 2011 All-America Selection.


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