The beetle battle continues

With no natural predators in North America, these beetles are running rampant across the country.

Amid harvests of cherry and ground tomatoes, Ted’s crew still continues to fight the advance of Japanese Beetles in Home Domonstration. Each day armed to the teeth with rubbing alcohol and spritzers, the crew diligently makes rounds in the gardens, shaking off leaves full of the pesky pest, and drowning them in the alcohol solution.

It remains the only sure-fire way to eradicate Japanese Beetle populations.

Ted and his band try to get to the beetles early in the morning, while they are chilled and a bit sluggish – and all the easier to plop in a styrofoam cup without struggle.

Other methods to control Japanese Beetles include spraying leaves with soapy water, but as this kills off other helpful insects and mites, the Arboretum refrains from using this technique.

The beetles have been particularly akin to the white roses and these Swensen Red Grapes, a 1977 U of M introduction.

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