Nature Notes

So close you can taste it

Following lead from the ground and cherry tomatoes, the Pumpkin Patch is showing promise for this year’s summer harvest. Ted and his crew hand-picked “Faerie” watermelons near the LearningCenter this morning, finally separating the 2012 All-America Selections from their vines.  

Turn your back on the patch just a month, and look what springs up!

“It’s still a bit too early for them,” Ted said in retrospect. “We tried one and I’m not too sure it’s ripe yet.”

We won’t blame any eagerness to dig in.

Faeries take around 60 days to harvest from being transplanted (as these were on June 25), so another week or two of wait should do the trick.

At about 5 inches, these watermelons are on the verge of reaching maturity. We’ll have to stick it out another couple of weeks.

This non-traditional watermelon’s yellow rind and classic pink flesh creates easy talking points for home gardeners, and its 7-8” height and high sugar content are perfect for family dinner tables.

As August rolls on, the harvest will be gearing up:  also on the verge of picking include many other varieties in the Ornamental and HeirloomGardens of Eatin’. Stay tuned for updates on pole beans, cucumbers, peppers, and more!

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