Moving On

By Richard DeVries

The snow in April saved our Maple Syrup season. It brought some extra moisture and slowed down the spring warm-up.

We ended up with 111 gallons of Arboretum made Pure Maple Syrup. It is the second best year in the books. The record of 118 gallons of syrup in 1994 still stands.

I must admit that it might not be a fair comparison. We now have a hundred trees on a  vacuum system that we did not have in the past.

The sugar content stayed high throughout the season, resulting in a nice amber syrup. I took some samples with the first syrup of the season in the bottle on the left, and the last syrup of the season in the bottle on the right.

First and Last Bottle
First and Last Bottle

I hope to hear from other Syrup makers how their production compared to other years. Maybe a hundred gallons will be the new average, maybe this is wishful thinking. I believe most syrup makers had a great season. We will have to get a few years of record keeping to see how the vacuum system is helping us.

The warm weather has ended the season. We pulled all the taps and started the big clean up.

The syrup will be used at next years pancake brunch and it is for sale in the Arboretum gift store.

Bottled Syrup
Bottled Syrup

I guess the time has come to move on. Next on my to-do list; garden clean-up and prairie burns.



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