Better late than never

We finally made it. The Minnesota summer is in full swing and the delicious plants and cultivars in the Gardens of Eatin’ couldn’t be happier.

'Royal Chico' Tomatoes

‘Royal Chico’ Tomatoes

Because of this years Mediterranean theme, many of the plants are accustomed to much drier and more moderate climates than the Midwest has to offer. The heavy rains and low light conditions of our unseasonably late spring left many of the plants feeling and looking homesick. But as the temperature has been steadily rising and the sun has emerged, inhabitants of the Gardens of Eatin’ are beginning to flourish and let their true colors show.

Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage

Planning to grow Mediterranean crops in Minnesotan soil may seem ludicrous to some; but those who doubt have clearly never met our resident fruit and vegetable maestro, Ted Pew.  Ted put months of preparation into planning what varietals would be featured in our demonstration gardens. Sourced from multiple seed banks, each plant was carefully selected for its likelihood to thrive in our climate and propagated from seed. For the most part, Ted was successful in tracking down his list of all-star exotic fruits and veggies regionally. Unfortunately, one variety left him stumped.

“Sicilian Sumac,” bemoans Ted as he stands in the garden. “the only way I could get it would be to fly there myself and bring a plant back through customs.” We’re glad he didn’t try.

Despite this one elusive herb, the Gardens of Eatin’ boast a huge diversity of plants. Some, obviously, are more suited to survive in our zone than others. But with temperatures up and rain down, the gardens are looking absolutely lush and beautiful!

'Fordhook' Zucchini Squash shading out Spearmint

‘Fordhook’ Zucchini Squash shading out Spearmint

It won’t be long before we can dig in and reap the bounties or our labor. But, for now, the gardens are ripe for viewing–come stop by and see what you could be growing in your own backyard!

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