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Off the Beaten Path

By Mary Beth Pottratz Joe pye weed and purple coneflowers spill down a slope at the entrance to Three Mile Drive. They are flanked by tall masses of switchgrass, one of Minnesota’s dominant prairie grasses. Its blades are already turning … Continue reading

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Where have all the birdies gone?

By Boak Wiesner Now that the Dog Star, Sirius, is up in the early morning, its heat joins that of our own Sun to make for the very hot weather we’re in for this week. Or so the astronomers of … Continue reading

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Oh What a Beautiful Morning …

By Greg Lecker Oh what a beautiful morning….afternoon, and evening.  After spending the day plein air painting at a nearby orchard and winery that grows University of Minnesota introductions, I visited the Arboretum’s Spring Peeper Meadow.  What a wonderful growing … Continue reading

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Prairie Masterpiece

By Mary Beth Pottratz Stunning purple and gold formal plantings adorn the entrance of the Arboretum today. Tall white spires of Culver’s root stand like guards at attention lining Alkmire Drive, footed by masses of white prairie clover. But I … Continue reading

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Purple People Eatin’s

As if they’re making up for lost time, the Gardens of Eatin’ have been producing at a rate that’s hard to keep up with. Today alone, our awesome volunteers helped us to collect twenty pounds of ‘Fordhook’ zucchini, half a … Continue reading

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