Maple Events

By Richard DeVries

It is always tricky to pick a date for an event when you have to rely on the weather. We had our Pancake Brunch and Sugarbush tours last Saturday, March 22.

Despite the cold we had close to a thousand people enjoy the pancakes with the Maple Syrup we made last spring. About 300 people visited us at the Sugar House. We kept count by handing out free samples of Maple Candy. We started with 300 pieces and they were all gone by the end of the day, thus we  must have had 300 visitors.

Cold brunch day
Cold brunch day

We collected 200 gallons of sap from the 270 Sugar Maples that have been tapped so far. That was enough to start cooking during the brunch. The cooking seems to be the highlight for many visitors, at least it was warm in the Sugar House.

Black walnut experiment
Black walnut experiment

We also tapped Black Walnut trees this year. We collected 2.5 gallons of sap from five trees. I call it the Black Walnut Experiment because I don’t know much about. The entire process seems to be the same as for Maples. I have read that the syrup should turn out sweet and nutty. We started cooking the sap on a little outside cooker.

The weather forecast looks promising and I hope to collect some more sap so we can cook again on Saturday. We will have to wait and see.

Saturday March 29 is our next open house, hopefully it will be warmer and the sap will be running. We will have tours and demonstrations from noon to 4. This year we are planning some demonstrations on how to make Maple Candy. We’ll try to start a new candy demonstration every hour, at 1, 2 and 3 pm.

We hope you can make it out for the fun!


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