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The Red Barn Goes Viral

This dramatic photo taken Sept. 30, as storms darkened the skies above the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Red Barn, has earned more Facebook reactions (over 2,500 likes, 85 comments and 328 shares) than any other photo posted on the Arboretum’s Facebook page.

Arboretum Photography Society member Norbert Lucas captured the shot on a Monday afternoon when he was taking pictures at the Arboretum. “I wanted to catch the sunset with the clouds as the storms were rolling in,” Lucas says. “That storm was just perfect.”

Lucas, who lives in Chaska, often tries to take pictures at the Arboretum on rainy days or just after a rain.

Early October rain captured at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum before the annual garden was pulled for the season. Photo by Norbert Lucas.

Lucas, 61, previously had a videotape transfer service and videotaped weddings. He enjoys taking pictures and “photographs everything,” he says, documenting his work on In addition to his Arboretum photography, Lucas often takes pictures of transportation (he works as a driver) and community events in Chaska.

When he’s at the Arboretum, he loves to capture the changing seasons, as well as the wide variety of birds that visit the Arboretum.

Photo by Norbert Lucas.

He joined the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Photographers Society about four years ago. “I enjoy the photography society,” he says. “It’s a great resource for anyone interested in photography.”

The group of photographers meets regularly to share their passion of nature photography with the Arboretum and each other. Arboretum photographers volunteer a minimum of 10 hours a year at the Arboretum, taking pictures and video. They share the work they produce with the Arboretum, and it often shows up on the Arboretum’s website, social media and promotional material. The group also attends workshops to develop their photography skills.

Each year their work is featured in an art show at the Arboretum. Don’t miss this year’s show, “The Best of America’s Gardens, Arboretums and Parks: Arboretum Photographers Society 12th Annual Juried Show” from Jan. 9 to March 8 in the Cafe Gallery at the Arboretum.

Spiegel Garden outside the Snyder Building. Photo by Norbert Lucas.

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    I would buy a copy of that photo, enlarged please.

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