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Arboretum’s Poinsettia Tree

The Arboretum's 24-foot Poinsettia Tree has become an annual tradition.

It takes several days to construct the tree frame and arrange the poinsettia plants on the Arboretum’s 24-foot Poinsetttia Tree, but you can watch it happen in 30 seconds.

The Arboretum’s 24-foot Poinsettia Tree is an annual tradition and the centerpiece of the holiday decor in the Oswald Visitor Center.

The red and white poinsettias that adorn this year’s tree were donated by Wagners Greenhouses & Garden Center. There are 484 red poinsettia plants and 36 white poinsettias around the base. The base of the tree is 10 feet wide.

The poinsettias are watered three times a week using an internal drip irrigation system that was created by mechanics at the Arboretum.

The best thing you can do to take care of poinsettias at home is to make sure not to over-water them, and never let the plants stand in water, says gardener Erik Lemke, who cares for the poinsettia tree. Find more tips for selecting and caring for poinsettia‘s from Wagner Greenhouses.

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