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EZ Pass reopens Dec. 21

The EZ Pass lane reopens to Donor-level Members on Saturday, Dec. 21.

The Arboretum recently closed the EZ Pass lane at the gatehouse for several good reasons concerning access and functionality. 

However, that lane is reopening on Saturday, December 21, 2019, using a new access design: Lane 1: For Donor-level Members ($200 or more). Lane 2: Visitors using cash or credit. Lane 3: Members, prepaid ticket holders,  buses and trucks. Please bring your current membership card to expedite your entry process.

The EZ Pass lane is reopening to Donor-level members on Dec. 21.

To support this system, kiosks will be staffed on all three lanes while technical issues are resolved with the access arm of the former EZ Pass lane. The new design, even compared to the pre-closure period, will improve traffic flow and safety by speeding up your access to the Arboretum.

Frequently Asked Questions about EZ Pass Lane

Why did you close the EZ Pass lane?
For reasons of access and functionality, and because of technical problems with the lane arm. 

Why did you decide to reopen the lane?
Based on Member and Visitor feedback, the decision was made to implement a new three-lane system with staffed kiosks that will improve traffic flow and safety by speeding up access.

Who is able to use the EZ Pass lane?
Donor-level members ($200 or more).

Will Duo+2 members be able to use the EZ Pass lane?
No. Duo+2 members will now have quick access through the Member lane.

Why does the Donor EZ Pass lane have a staffed kiosk?
To allow the Arboretum to resolve technical issues regarding the lane arm.

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