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2019 Year in Photos

As we embrace 2020, we're looking back on the beauty of 2019.

As we embrace 2020, we’re looking back on the beauty of 2019.

Our Spring Flower Show brought vibrant colors to the dreary February landscape. (This year’s show is right around the corner.) Photo by Roger Pavelle.
Our spring tulip display featured more than 38,000 blooms in bright shades of yellow, orange and red with a few pops of purple and blue. Photo by Erica E. Photography.
Artist Patrick Dougherty spent three weeks in May building the “YouBetcha” willow structure. Photo by Robert Evans.
The willows used in the structure were sustainably harvested from a windbreak study. Photo by Jim Douglas.
The “YouBetcha” structure was Patrick Dougherty’s 301st willow sculpture. Photo by Jim Douglas.
Photo by Jason Boudreau-Landis.
A little rain didn’t dampen the festivities at our annual Gala in the Garden in June. Photo by Todd Mulvihill.
We celebrated the official opening of Lake Tamarack in early July. Photo by Erica E. Photography.
The annual garden flourished. Photo by Chris McNamara.
Photo by Chris McNamara.
A sold-out crowd enjoyed a delicious Taste & Toast in July. Photo by Chris McNamara.
The renovated Red Barn was one of the highlights of the dedication and opening of our Farm at the Arb in September. Photo by Jason Boudreau-Landis.
This photo went viral on our Facebook page. Photo by Norbert Lucas.
We were inspired by fall colors. Photo by Vasmanth Rajkumar.
And enchanted by the first snow falls. Photo by Norbert Lucas.
Our expanded Winter Lights display (open through Jan. 5) attracted a record-breaking crowd. Photo by Bill Donovan.

We’re looking forward to another year filled with the beauty of nature. Please join us for FREE January starting Jan. 6. Happy New Year!

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