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Arboretum links, vol. 11

A biweekly digest of news featuring the Arboretum.

Image above: “Dried Beauty 2” by artist Jessica Bortoni, featured in Conectado por la Naturaleza opening Feb. 1 in the Reedy Gallery.

A biweekly digest of news featuring the Arboretum:

Three Questions with Arboretum Art Curator Wendy DePaolis. (Southwest News Media, Jan. 20)

-Watch Arboretum director of operations Alan Branhagen on the “Spring Flowers” episode of Prairie Yard & Garden. (Pioneer PBS, Jan. 27)

-The Arboretum’s Reedy Gallery is showcasing the work of three artists in a new show, Conectado por la Naturaleza: Twin Cities Inspired Latinx Art. (Southwest News Media, Jan. 23)

-Dreaming of this year’s vegetable garden? A Master Gardener mentions a variety of Napa Cabbage that has done well at the Arboretum. (Duluth News Tribune, Jan. 11)

-Wine from the University of Minnesota’s most recent grape introduction, Itasca, should be more available in 2020. (Star Tribune, Jan. 22)

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