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Hints of Spring

The Arb is closed, but spring isn't cancelled. (We have proof!)

COVID-19 Update: The Arboretum is temporarily closed–even to walkers–until further notice. Find updates and information here.

Even though the Arboretum remains closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, spring is far from cancelled. A small crew of workers reports to the Arboretum daily to maintain the grounds and the gardens. They’ve also gathered evidence of the changing seasons to share with us.

Pasqueflower has started blooming in the Perennial Garden. Photo by Alan Branhagen.
Virginia bluebells
Virginia bluebells are starting to emerge in the herb garden. “We are certainly ahead of schedule this spring,” noted Alan Branhagen, Arboretum director of operations. Photo by Alan Branhagen.
double-flowering snowdrops
This is a double-flowering snowdrops (Hippolyta). Photo by Alan Branhagen.
 These single Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) provide nectar for bees, and Branhagen reports that the honeybees were busy yesterday. Photo by Alan Branhagen.
Giant Pussy Willow
Giant pussy willow catkins in the Willow Collection. Photo by Alan Branhagen.
Rubykins Willow
Rubykins Willow in the Willow Collection. Photo by Alan Branhagen.
Angelina sedum
Angelina sedum is one of the most colorful perennials in the Arboretum’s Rock Garden. “With our good snow cover last winter, it looks great now,” Branhagen said. This sedum is a great choice for rock gardens or “hell strips.” The plant takes on orange hues in the fall, but it will change to a bright chartreuse through the growing season, Branhagen said. Photo by Alan Branhagen.
Daffodils are poking through leaves. Photo by Alan Branhagen.
The tulip display is making progress. Photo by Alan Branhagen.

Research plants continue to bloom in our greenhouses, as well. These azaleas are being used for cross-pollinating and breeding.

Dayton Red azalea
“This is the historic ‘Dayton Red’ azalea from the old Dayton’s Department Store flower show that showed amazing hardiness when planted at the Horticultural Research Center,” Branhagen said. “It is one of the parents to the ‘Mandarin Lights’ azalea. It has a bad name because it is bright orange red — lighter orange as shown when forced in the weaker March light.” Photo by Alan Branhagen
Electric Lights Double Pink
Our most recent introduction, Electric Lights Double Pink, is being used for breeding in the research greenhouse. Photo by Alan Branhagen.
Another Northern Lights azalea that is being used for breeding. Photo by Alan Branhagen.

Still craving more? Check out these beautiful photos highlighting the Arboretum in all seasons.

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  1. Helen Balcome

    My heart aches that we cannot at least walk the grounds. Thank you for sharing the lovely pics that spring is really happening.

  2. Barb Tapper

    Thank you!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Thank you to all the volunteers. Stay healthy!!

  4. Jan Frisch

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks, please continue to send!!

  6. Michelle

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I miss the Arb so much. Thank you for taking such good care of it.

  7. Ginger Gomes

    What a beautiful way to refresh our spirits. Thank you. Is it possible to purchase a digital copy of a photo?

  8. Thanks much! Appreciate all the efforts to provide the beautiful pictures and information:) Bright spot for my day! Stay healthy!

  9. Please keep the photos coming…miss my daily arb walks….I appreciate your loving care of the gardens!

  10. Thank you, thank, for brightening my day!

  11. Miss the walks at the Arb! Thanks for keeping the grounds looking good and sharing the pictures!

  12. Yes, spring is following the natural cycle. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Fern Albertson

    I sure miss volunteering for school field trips. Thanks for the spring photos. Fern Albertson

  14. Bob Shields

    A beautiful way to kiss the Spring. Thanks!

  15. Thank you for bringing in some sunshine! Keep up the pics!

  16. Janice Tarnow

    What a day brightener after watching CNN. Thanks

  17. Marilyn Pyle

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and a nice uplift during these scary times.

  18. These pictures alone are worth the price if membership. They also give us hope
    Thank you for posting.

  19. Sue Stokke

    Beautiful pictures put a much needed smile on my face. I miss teaching and I miss all my friends at the Learning Center.

  20. Thank you for the joy the flowers bring!

  21. Margaret Hutchinson

    Thank you! Absolutely delightful! More please!🥰

  22. Am Kvalseth

    What beautiful photos! It has made my day.

  23. What a positive “pick me up” to start the day! Thank you! Keep it up.

  24. Joan Gittens

    This was so heartening! Thanks so much for the virtual tour.

  25. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and information. I enjoyed.

  26. 1963577 Carolyn

    I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing this…thanks!

  27. Carol Reed

    Thank you for sharing the photo. The spring is a favorite time to be out walking at the Arboretum so am glad to have a virtual walk today!

  28. Ann Reed

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. After 20 years of taking my kindergarten students to the Arboretum and then my granddaughter’s on the free day. I was so happy to finally get a membership from my son this year at Christmas. So sad I can’t get out there to enjoy it I hope maybe our memberships would be extended

  29. Leanne Janel Ashley

    Thank you Allan. You have been a wonderful addition to the ARB.

  30. Julie A Schaefer

    So beautiful. Thank you.

  31. Thank you crew!

  32. This makes me so, so, so unhappy!

  33. Susan Wetherall

    Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing! I miss volunteering at the Arb. Spring is coming to my house as well. I have rock garden iris blooming, daffodils and tulips are up. Such a relief to get outside and do some gardening! Need to get out of the house!

  34. Jennifer Holmes

    This is a welcome distraction and makes me want to work on my yard.
    Thank you! I am looking forward to spending time at the arboretum after we sly the virus.

  35. Nancy Vogt

    Thank you for the beautiful photos! On one hand they filled me with joy; on the other I am so sad as I miss my favorite place!
    Nancy V

  36. Barb Chapman

    Thank you for the proof that spring is one of the joys we can count on in this shifting, uncertain time! So nice to see these signs – please keep sending!

  37. Valerie Preston

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I miss my walks with friends there and hope to get back to it as soon as possible.

  38. Thank you for thinking of us and sending these beautiful pictures to brighten our day! Alan, you are a great photographer!

  39. VerJean Schindeldecker

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. What a day brightener!
    VerJean Schindeldekcer

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