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Tree Story: An Impressive, Old Tree

Member Marcia Michalik always pauses at her favorite tree during her frequent Arboretum walks.

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Photo courtesy of Marcia Michalik.

Arboretum member Marcia Michalik, of Tonka Bay, is a Three-Mile Drive walker, visiting the Arboretum several times a week in all seasons. All those walks have given her plenty of opportunities to examine the trees at the Arboretum, and she definitely has a favorite.

She found the impressive Maple tree across from the Harrison Sculpture Garden next to the path that goes toward the Pine Exhibit. “This is a tree that you can’t help but stop and think ‘WOW!  Look at that tree!,’ she said. “It’s massive, yet it’s low-hanging branches make it the kind of tree you want to walk up to, stand under. And I do that!  To me, personally, it’s the halfway point when I am walking the 3-mile trail, starting at the picnic shelter.” 

Michalik took this photo last fall after an early snow on her birthday, Oct. 12. “I find some of the most beautiful days at the Arboretum are those when you wouldn’t think to go — when it’s cold, or snowy, or rainy,” she said.

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