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Kids Activity: Rainstick Sensory Bottle

Create soothing sounds of rain with supplies from your kitchen and backyard.

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Rainstick sensory bottle

Create the soothing sounds of rain with this project suggested by the Arboretum’s coordinator of informal interpretation Reba Luiken. Rainstick Sensory Bottles are easy to make with supplies you probably all ready have in your kitchen or backyard. Once made, the bottles can act as a tool for calming down.

-Water bottle or jar (I used a glass Voss one originally but a mason jar, plastic water bottles, and this sensory bottle from Michael’s would work, too)
-Uncooked rice
-Superglue (optional)

collection of sticks

1. Take a walk outside and collect thin sticks of many types. Straight ones work best.

2. Break them into shorter pieces so they will fit into your bottle, then add them one by one.

3. Add rice, put on the lid. 

4. Try it out!  Adjust the rice to your musical needs. 

5. Once you’re happy with the result, seal the lid with superglue (optional).

6. You might want to try out another bottle to see what sounds best!

Adapted from this blog post.

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