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Garden Update: Tulip & Magnolia Blooms Begin

The tulips started to bloom on Friday, and the magnolia trees bloomed this week, too.

COVID-19 Update: The Arboretum is temporarily closed–even to walkers–until further notice. Find updates and information here.

A handful of the 39,000 red and pink tulips that were planted last fall have begun to bloom. Photo by Susie Hopper.

A small crew of workers reports to the Arboretum daily to maintain the grounds and the gardens while the Arboretum remains closed. The big news this week: Tulips and magnolias are starting to bloom! (Scroll down for more images.) The garden staff also focused on planting fields at Farm at the Arb and clearing garden beds.

In honor of International Sculpture Day, Arboretum curator Wendy DePaolis is leading a tour of the Society of Minnesota Sculptor’s 2020 Annual Exhibition at the Arboretum at 10 a.m. today (Saturday, April 25) on Facebook live. After the live viewing, the footage will be available on Facebook and YouTube.

And now, the blooms we’ve all been waiting for:

But the big show has yet to come. Photo by Susie Hopper taken on Friday, April 24.

In addition to a few tulips, magnolia trees have begun to bloom. Magnolia’s bloom from April to June after their seventh year of growth. Of 125 Magnolia species, only a few are hardy to Minnesota. The Arboretum is conducting cold-hardy magnolia research with a plot of three-year-old specimens on 82nd St. There are approximately 70 trees in this study. The following pictures are of magnolias throughout the Arboretum grounds.

Star Magnolia in Azalea Garden on Friday, April 24. Photo by Susie Hopper.
This is a ‘Merrill’ Loegner Magnolia near the Oswald Visitor Center on Friday, April 24. Photo by Susie Hopper.
Narcissus ‘Maria’ in the Rock Garden on Wednesday, April 22. Photo by Susie Hopper.
Traditional yellow forsythia and white forsythia, on the right side of Three Mile Drive just before the prairie on Friday, April 24. Photo by Susie Hopper. 
Pansies from the Home Demo Garden on Wednesday, April 22. Did you know: All pansies are violas but not all violas are pansies. If the flower has four petals pointing upward and only one pointing downward – you’re looking at a pansy. If the flower has two petals pointing upward and three petals pointing downward – you’ve got a viola. Photo by Susie Hopper.
Richard DeVries tilling a plot at the Farm at the Arb. Gardeners planted corn, spring wheat and oats on Thursday, April 23. Photo by Laura DeVries.
Flats of red butter lettuce in the Learning Center greenhouse are awaiting their spring planting. Photo by Laura DeVries.
“We took the straw off the roses in the Wilson Rose Garden, and will dig them up on Monday,” said Laura DeVries.

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  1. Cathy krieger

    Every gardeners heart is breaking as we have to view these gardens from afar. Hopefully there are many other Springs.🌷🌼🌷

  2. Betty Nelson

    Thank you. Beautiful pics. Missing the Arb.

  3. Thanks so much for the pictures and information! Much appreciated!!

  4. Thanks for the pictures and info. I’m really missing the Arboretum but this helps

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