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Arb Links, vol. 21

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COVID-19 Update: The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is open in a limited capacity. Find updates and information here.

Showy Lady’s Slippers, the Minnesota State Flower, started blooming this week in the Dayton Wildflower Garden. Photo by Alan Branhagen.

Read about the Arboretum in the news:

Grow with Kare: How the Arboretum protects against rabbit and deer. This story features our Integrated Pest Management Specialist Erin Buchholz. (KARE-11, June 5)

Seven Minnesota sculpture parks to enjoy during the coronavirus pandemic, includes the Arboretum’s Harrison Sculpture Garden. (Star Tribune, June 6)

A native bee sits on a Gray Dogwood bloom on June 9 at the Arboretum. Photo by Alan Branhagen.

Stories of interest from our University of Minnesota partners:

Nature Play and Childhood Development: Studies by Julie Ernst suggest children flourish in nature preschools. (University of Minnesota Duluth News Service, May 21)

Nature-Based Play, Nature-Based Design (College of Design, June 1)

Emerald Ash Borer active now through Sept. 1 (Yard & Garden News, June 8)

Is Wild Ginger a ‘Garden Invader’ or a great plant for shady sites? (Yard & Garden News, June 8)

Ask Extension: Chokecherry Shrub for my landscape (Yard & Garden News, June 8)

Smart Garden 2020: Test your soil (Yard & Garden News, June 8)

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