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Kid Activity: Egg Carton Nature Hunt

Reuse an egg carton to find and organize a nature collection.

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By Reba Luiken, Arboretum coordinator of informal interpretation

There is something satisfying about building a nature collection, and reusing an egg carton makes it easy to keep things organized. Use the pre-designed nature hunt sheet or create your own with natural items that are common where you live or you find especially interesting.

If you try the hunt more than once, you might even notice some things get easier or harder to find as the seasons change.

Empty egg carton
Printed nature hunt sheet (link:
Colored pencils or other coloring tools (if you want to design your own)

1. Print out the nature hunt sheet. Use the premade version or design your own with things you’d like to find where you are.

2. Cut out the nature hunt you plan to use and tape. 

3. Head outside and hunt for the items on your list!

Extensions: Challenge yourself to find more than one of each kind of object. How many different yellow flowers or rocks can you find?

If you design your own hunt, it’s helpful to have a mix of things that are easier to find and more challenging, especially if you want your nature explorers to stay engaged with the activity for a while. Repeat and adapt your hunt as the seasons change.  The version I created is great for late summer, but you might be captivated by other colors in fall, winter, or spring.

Adapted fromĀ @the.hidden.way on Instagram

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