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Arb Links, vol. 27

Read about the Arboretum in the news.

COVID-19 Update: The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is open by reservation only. Find updates and information here.

The Arboretum’s AppleHouse is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily. Photo by Chris McNamara.

Read about the Arboretum in the news:

Fresh apples, pies and donuts: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s AppleHouse is now open for the season. (Star Tribune, September 2)

After excellent forecast, the Arboretum’s AppleHouse opens for fall season. (Southwest News Media, August 27)

Grow with KARE: Butterfly host plants. (KARE-11, August 21)

Arboretum expert offers a guide to plants that belong in Minnesota gardens. (Star Tribune, August 28)

University of Minnesota Botanist discovers feared invasive Japanese stiltgrass in Wisconsin. (Star Tribune, August 22)

Invasive ‘jumping worm’ leaps into Minnesota. (MPR, August 31)

County breaks ground on Arboretum trail project. (Sun Patriot Newspapers, August 24)

My path to becoming a Master Gardener. (Monticello Times, August 31)

Minnesota winery law ruled unconstitutional, winemakers free to use more out-of-state grapes. (KARE-11, Sept. 2)

Number 11 on our 15 things to do in September at the Arboretum: Watch for butterflies and birds. Photo by Liz Potasek.

Catch up on the Arboretum’s blog and other Arb media:

15 things to do in September (August 26).

Drone footage of Farm at the Arb. (Arboretum YouTube Channel, August 24)

A Great Season for Apples (August 28).

Growing with Darwin Pellett (September 2).

Physical Benefits of Gardening (September 1).

Dogs at the Arb (August 25).

-Nature Notes from Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteers: Goldfinches and Insects Galore (August 24) and Fall Flowers and Fruits (August 31).

-Kids Activities: Recycled Jellyfish Windsock (August 27) and Crazy Faces with Plants (September 3).

The crown of the once-majestic bur oak outside the entrance to the Wilson Rose Garden was removed on Aug. 26. Read about why our horticulture staff made the decision to do this in Good-bye to a Good Tree. Photo by Erin Buchholz.

Stories of interest from our University of Minnesota partners:

Late summer bur oak blight. (Yard and Garden News, August 28)

Apply to the Extension Master Gardeners program through Oct. 1. (Yard and Garden News, September 2)

September Sky Lights. (Bell Museum, August 31)

Lilac issues this season. (Yard and Garden News, August 27)

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