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Arb Links, vol. 30

Catch up on Arboretum news.

COVID-19 Update: All members and visitors need to make a reservation in advance of their visit to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Find updates and information here.

Confluence, by Antione Poncet in the Harrison Sculpture Garden. Photo taken Oct. 9. Photo by Liz Potasek.

Read about the Arboretum in the news:

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum unveils fall scarecrow collection. (WCCO-TV, Oct. 10)

Fall colors interview with Arboretum director Pete Moe. (KARP, Oct. 15)

University of Minnesota’s Itasca Grape could put state wines on the map. (Star Tribune, Oct. 14)

Talking native plants with Alan Branhagen. (Grow It, Minnesota podcast, Oct. 12)

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum offers free tickets to healthcare workers. (FOX-9, Oct. 11)

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum offers free admission for healthcare workers. (Southwest News Media, Oct. 12)

Gahn Dancer II, by Craig Dan Goseyun, on Oct. 9 in the Harrison Sculpture Garden. Photo by Liz Potasek.

Catch up on the Arboretum’s blog and other media:

Three-Mile Walk sights. (video, Oct. 9)

Fall Color Reports 2020. (Oct. 13)

Sharing the Bounty. (Oct. 14)

Take A Break in Nature. (Oct. 9)

Growing with Fernando Hernandez. (Oct. 7)

-Kids Activities: Fall Window Art (Oct. 8) and Squishy, Gooey Pumpkin Guts (Oct. 15)

-Notes from Minnesota Master Naturalists: Cliff Hangers (Oct. 4) and Dry, but Not Done! (Oct. 12)

New England aster and opened milkweed seedpods provide late season color and texture at the Farm at the Arb on Oct. 9. Photo by Liz Potasek.

Stories of interest from our University partners:

Emerald ash borers confirmed in Sibley and Carver counties. (Yard & Garden News, Oct. 6)

Fall Bingo. (Bell Museum Blog, Oct. 9)

The 5 considerations of sustainable landscape design. (Yard & Garden News, Oct. 8)

How can I identify the apples in my backyard? (Yard & Garden News, Oct. 8)

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