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Visiting the Arboretum: All members and visitors need to make a reservation in advance of their visit to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. We hope to see you soon!

Monarch butterflies visiting the Prairie Garden in late August. Photo by Jack Vanden Heuvel.

Read about the Arboretum in the news:

-Drought drives good grape year in Minnesota. (MPR News, Aug. 26)

First Look At Minnesota Apples. (WCCO-TV, Aug. 25)

With hot and dry weather, Minnesota wine experts anticipate a vintage year. (Southwest News Media, Aug. 26)

AppleJam is Sept. 25 at the Arboretum. (Southwest News Media, Aug. 30)

Kindness is alive in the world. (Eden Prairie Local News, Aug. 22)

What’s in Bloom: Dahlia ‘Cutie Patootie’ blooming Aug. 30 in the Dahlia Collection. Photo by Liz Potasek.

Catch up on the Arboretum’s blog:

Growing with John Mazzarella. (Sept. 1)

20 Things to do in September 2021. (Aug. 27)

Recharge Mental Energy. (Aug. 25)

National Honey Bee Day. (Aug. 21)

Summer of Scale! (Aug. 20)

A New Walk. (Aug. 18)

Losing a Landmark. (Aug. 13)

Big Trees. (Aug. 11)

-Nature Notes from Minnesota Master Naturalists: East Side Trail Explorations (Aug. 16), Dry Effect (Aug. 23), Refreshing Rains (Aug. 30)

The gardens are full of blooms right now, but there’s still plenty of good reason to come indoors to our Meyer Deats Conservatory. Visit the conservatory to see plants like this blooming Bulbophyllum crassipes, a species of the orchid family. The plant has a hinged leaf which allows the plant to jiggle. This encourages pollinators to visit. Watch the Arboretum’s Facebook page for updates about plants in the conservatory. Photo by Deb Frymet.

News of interest from our University partners:

Success of fall lawn seeding depends on rain. (Yard & Garden News, Sept. 2)

What you need to know about invasive giant hornets. (Yard & Garden News, Sept. 1)

-When to harvest grapes and apples at home. (Yard & Garden News, Aug. 26)

Ask Extension: Top 3 topics for 2021. (Yard & Garden News, Aug. 26)

Are rodents and bunnies nibbling your zucchini more than usual this year? (Fruit & Vegetable News, Aug. 18)

Minnesota Skies: September 2021. (Bell Museum Blog, Aug. 31)

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