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Member Perspective: Picture Poem

An ode to the Arboretum in photos and words from Arboretum member Lisa Seekins.

Visiting the Arboretum: All members and visitors need to make a reservation in advance of their visit to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. We hope to see you soon!

Editor’s Note: Arboretum member Lisa Seekins gave us permission to share her poem connected to the pictures she’s taken of her daughter and her daughter’s friends and family at the Arboretum throughout the years. If you have a story or photo to share about your Arboretum experience, send it to

Arboretum Story in Pictures

By Lisa Seekins

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a place to contemplate where you have been and

Gain a vision of the heights you may climb to get to where you are going.

A place for all seasons 

And all weather to see 

Everything that Mother Nature has for me.

Our friendship blooms and grows like a flower bud

In all of these ways 

While in this magical world we explore

Our memorable time spent together during our Arboretum Days.

My friendships are strengthened in the lovely fresh air

Wandering, looking, and learning here

In this beautiful place 

To Bring joy to our hearts and a glow to our face.

The dancing and movement I notice around

In the flowers’ soft voices low to the ground.

Enjoying a moment, quiet and still 

Surrounded by the essence of the organic world

Peaceful, relaxing, and full of goodwill

So from the beginning to end, from the fall to winter and spring

Then summer so joyous with all the growing things

Aim for some time here alone or with family and friends.

Visit and then dream 

And while you do that, 

Be sure to stop and smell the flowers

No matter where they are at.

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  1. This is a sweet and happy poem with adorable images. ❤️

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