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Arb Links, vol. 54

Catch up on Arboretum news.

Experience the Arboretum at night during the Winter Lights display through Jan. 2. Photo by Jason Boudreau-Landis.

Read about the Arboretum in the news:

Winter Lights opens at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. (Southwest News Media, Nov. 19)

5 outdoor destinations to explore on Black Friday (instead of shopping). (Bring Me the News, Nov. 22)

The Arboretum is buzzing with creativity. (Southwest News Media, Nov. 4)

2021 Twin Cities Drive Thru Christmas Events and Walking Tours. (Family Fun Twin Cities, Nov. 10)

Winter Lights at the Arboretum. (Mpls St. Paul, Nov. 11)

Shopping local this year? Check out our list of holiday markets in Minnesota. (Bring Me the News, Nov. 11)

Your Guide to Twin Cities Holiday Markets and Shopping Events. (Mpls St. Paul, Nov. 16)

The beloved Professor Sprenger crabapple tree outside the Snyder Building is uplit for Winter Lights. Photo by Jason Boudreau-Landis.

Catch up on the Arboretum blog and other media:

19 Things to do in December 2021. (Nov. 24)

Sounds of Nature. (Nov. 17)

Member Perspective: Picture Poem. (Nov. 12)

Growing with Virge Klatt. (Nov. 3)

-Nature Notes from Minnesota Master Naturalists: What’s Under Foot (Nov. 22), First Taste of Winter (Nov. 15), Glow (Nov. 8) and Make a Wish (Nov. 1).

-Professor emeritus Mary Hockenberry Meyer discusses “What’s in a name?” on the Grasstalk blog.

Winter Lights 2021. Photo by Aldo Abelleira.

News of interest from our University Partners:

Give your houseplants a fresh start. (Yard & Garden News, Nov. 3)

Keep growing all winter with hydroponics. (Yard & Garden News, Nov. 18)

‘Tis the season: Use deicing salts with care. (Yard & Garden News, Nov. 18)

Dormant seeding bee lawns. (Yard & Garden News, Nov. 3)

Think 2022: Top 10 annual flowers. (Yard & Garden News, Oct. 21)

Rooted in research: Nick Rajtar develops new tools for closing in on evasive tree pathogens in the field and in the lab. (Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center, Oct. 26)

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