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Walking on Water

Minnesota Master Naturalist Lee Anne Laskey finds beauty in the transition between seasons on a recent visit to the Arboretum.

By Lee Anne Laskey

Oh, the joy of splashing through inviting puddles again!  Not that I don’t love an invigorating winter hike in the snow, but what a refreshing change of pace! How fun it is to see the trails full of lots of smiling faces, mittenless hands and lighter coats.

Monet puddles

I stopped splashing to gaze at them for a while as I listened to a northern cardinal obviously loving the longer days too by showing off its continuous whistling of “what-cheer, cheer.” Does anyone else get a kick out of the childlike wonder an Arboretum adventure stirs up as Spring emerges?  Don’t miss out!

I decided that part of the Douglas Freeman sculpture “Family” by the Maze captures my energy today perfectly! This maze isn’t just for kids of all ages, but adults can get out there too.  Go laugh and get lost for a while in the 1,600 shrub specimens.

Spring fever

The Hedge collection off Three-Mile Drive seems to compliment the interesting cloud cover with subtle crayon colors. Wander this collection of valuable woody plants if you are dreaming up ways to block an unwanted view, create a defining space or maybe even make your own maze. Dream big! Crisp, lingering snow accents the hues and shapes.

Landscape inspirations

Skygazing here in all the seasons is such a sweet bonus, truly the icing on the cake.  Look up too or you might miss more than the everchanging clouds.

Arboretum skygazing

I take a final long pause on the Wood Duck Trail area. I get excited to spot a few graceful eagles soaring above the fluffy cattails. I smile at the cheery blue syrup bucket on the tree greeting me up the hill. Next year I will not miss all the action at MapleFest, the awesome tradition that took place this past Saturday.  If you have never been, put it on your radar for the future. Come ready to learn and eat a pancake stack or two.

Cheery sign of the season

Pine siskins flitting above, by the Japanese Garden, fill the air as I leave with their “zreeee” chatter. I linger, observe and listen, laughing at how swift they are!  I’m filled up with my own sweet takeaway treats now and can’t wait to keep witnessing everything emerging and coming alive.  See you this week for a Springtime playdate and don’t forget to splash a little in a pretty puddle or two!

Lee Anne Laskey is a Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteer.

4 comments on “Walking on Water

  1. This was so fun to read. 😊

  2. Enid Uhlhorn

    We noticed the rippled clouds during our lovely walk amongst the pines yesterday. Love your description of Spring waiting to burst through.

  3. excellent photos and text. Thank you.

  4. Jill C Diloreto

    Oh, Lee Anne! Take me along next time! Great photos and descriptions. Oh, my heart!

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